Skip to content Using Gmail with screen readers Error checking mail for your external accounts. Details Dismiss Meet Start a meeting Join a meeting Chat 3 of 9,625 Школа тренеров онлайн: обучение любого уровня (School of trainers online: training at any level) Inbox x ГК "Институт Тренинга – АРБ Про" via 3:06 PM (2 hours ago) to me View original message Always translate: Russian A trainer cannot help developing: online programs of the School of Trainers The French encyclopedic philosopher Denis Didro wrote: “People stop thinking when they stop reading.” A true professional in the field of education is in an even more difficult situation: every day we have to develop, raise our level to keep up with the changing world and not allow ourselves to freeze in place. After all, he who teaches other people and must learn himself! The School of Trainers was created specifically to help you keep up with cutting-edge trends, improve your professional level and achieve heights and recognition in the field of staff training! This is our credo. And especially for you, we have prepared three stages of online learning. This means that you can study in a mode that is comfortable for you, choose any level and do it right from home! Level 1 – July 13 “Interactive webinar. QUICK START » An express course that allows you to explore the main features of the webinar, to analyze the key tools and principles of the trainer in 120 minutes. ● 100+ training slides ● 10+ interactive task scripts ● 3 ways to use chat as a communication tool Learn more Level 2 – July 13 “Interactive webinar. How to create and conduct ” A full course on the methodology of constructing an interactive webinar, from the idea to the nuances of the event. ● 3 elements of building a learning environment ● 3 ways to use chat as a communication tool ● 20 scenarios of interactive tasks ● 3 life hacks leading the frame The course creates an experience of living and using all the tools. Each participant will develop and conduct a module of their interactive webinar. Learn more Level 3 – August 10 Online training. How to create and conduct The author’s methodology for building a full-fledged online training includes: ● Online Learning Solution Architecture ● Group dynamics management online ● Group diagnostics techniques ● 20+ scripts of interactive tasks for online training ● Technology of work in pairs, triples, subgroups ● Features of the role-playing game online Learn more See you soon! 👋 Sincerely, GK Institute of Training – ARB Pro For all questions, write to or call +7 (812) 747-82-35 Get link

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