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I just want to write this below – regarding the materials you may need :
[1] For Cleaning :
 –  There should be – two boxes there at least – 2 in the house – Unless the previous cleaning crew people took that away, there was a box of mineral spirits and a box of wood filler. i had asked the cleaning crew gig people to store that in the house – preferably underneath the Kitchen Sink -cabinet on the 2nd floor of the house at  208 Westhaven drive 78746. 
Now, I am in india – but the tenants are IN the house – the westhaven house – so, please lets prepare a check list  of all the stuff you may need for cleaning the house part and lets check that we have them at the house or – we may have to buy them.  or u can bring some that you have at your house –  All ways and Either or is fine.. 
–  now, i went in here – and read this 
  • It may seem obvious, but remove all food before starting. 
  • Take out all removable parts, such as shelves and drawers. Fill a basin with warm water and regular dishwashing soap and leave these parts to soak before wiping and rinsing.
  • Wipe all surface areas either with commercial wipes, or with a combination of dishwashing soap and warm water.
  • Use a microfibre cloth or a good quality sponge – these cleaning tools will not fall apart and leave little particles behind in the fridge.
  • For stubborn stains, mix a small amount of baking soda with a little water to produce a thick paste. Apply the paste to the stain and leave for an hour before wiping with a damp sponge or cloth. The baking soda should loosen the stain, making it easy to wipe away.

ok, so, if my Maths is right for the Fridge – you need
[a] Regular dishwashing Soap – 
[b] Commercial wipes – I never bought them -and if i did i dont know what they are – so.. if u can please get whatever the heck this item is and i will pay for that
[c]  microfibre cloth or a good quality sponge
so, soap plus commericial wipe plus microfiber cloth or good quality sponge is what we need for fridgecleaning 
ok, so, please buy them and bill me .. PLEASE DONT FORGET 
ok, now, so, confirm with jerry that we have that mineral spirits in the house – if not – please get something that would do the job.. u said u may have some at your hosue with you..
how to get the stove clean – stove i think is not mentioned in the 15 item – but oven is – 
so, i think this one is easy and u have the materials ?
ok THEN – unless i forgot something LAST ITEM YOU MAY NEED is – RAGS – 
It looks like, as far as materials go you would need :
[1] warm water and soap – like liquid soap – we have water at the house, but the tenants just moved in so i cantguarantee that they have liquid soap, Your more than welcome to buy or get one while on your way – or just ask tenants, if u can use theirs, if they have,
[2] Commercial Wipes and Microfiber Cloth – please buy them if you dont have it with you and just bill me. Daniel. 
[3] Good Quality Sponge : but one from any of the many local stores – if you will and bill the landlord, works fine with me as well.. or u can get yours or ask tenant.  
[4] Rags –  BROOM – and a DUST PAN : and if u dont have dust pan or don’t like dust pans, like i don’t. Juts use the leaf blower INSIDE – { that’s HOW i used to clean the house, when i lived there :) – or just use tissue paper to wipe off or pick the dead bugs and what not }
[5]  a HAMMER { for the nails and for the pallets in the yard }
[6] The leaf Blower – which is new – just arrived yesterday afternoon – so, it would or should work and the tenants will give you that. BUT – you NEED TO GET YOUR CORD or cords 
Ok man. Thats about all i can think, u can need and i just wanted to remind you, because if u forget something then – making the trip, standing in the checkout line isnt that interesting to me at least.
hope this helps
Now, after this I will :
[a] call you to check this email and remind you to bring all the items you may or will need for the gig today that i guess starts around 10 AM CST – at my house 
[b] For your protection and for tenant and landlord satisfaction and peace of mind, Create a document in word and in pdf which you can print – it would be a list – like as in scope of all that would comprise and conclude this gig today at 10 AM CST – start time – and HOW will be DEFINE – closure and conclusion and when we can deem to have done the job – and i hate to sue the definitionally challenged word – satisfactorily .  Its situational, its contextual – its personal, its individual. But i will do MY BEST. 
current time in your nation called texas is below
i need an hour – max –  to write and include – a document that stipulates – the gig and then a place hodler where in u can get the customer’s sign off and that would be the highlight of my day today and then i would go to bed after that
7:32 AM
Wednesday, April 11, 2018 (CDT)

Time in Austin, TX