Two very different mornings

From: Juan Rodriguez, info>
Date: Sat, Nov 9, 2019 at 11:10 PM
Subject: Two very different mornings
To: <hotrachel2>


Will you try something for me?

I want you to go back to that moment — three years ago today, actually — when you woke up to the news that Donald Trump had been elected president.

Do you remember how you felt? Were you staring at your cup of coffee like me and worrying about your family, your country, your health care? Were you kicking yourself because you wished you had done more?

Now, I want you to go back even further. Think back to the morning after Barack Obama was elected president. What were you feeling as you sipped your coffee or tea that morning and watched the morning news showing him and his family walk onto that stage in Chicago? Were you proud to have been part of the fight?

Well, in under 1 year from today, Donald Trump will face off against the Democratic nominee at the ballot box.

Are you going to wake up the next morning and think to yourself:

"I wish I hadn’t let the pundits tell me who was ‘electable’"?

"I wish I hadn’t let other people pick our nominee"?

"I wish I had fought for our nominee"?

Or, do you want to wake up that morning and think: "I gave this all I had, I donated on links like these, I spoke up for the candidate who fought for justice, for the candidate who mopped the floor with Donald Trump on the debate stage, for the one candidate who can say that the only client she’s ever had has been the people of our country"?

It comes down to this: do you want your coffee to taste like victory? Or regret?

If your answer is victory, make your first donation and keep Kamala in this fight. Make sure that her voice isn’t drowned up by super PACs or self-funded billionaires. Make sure you wake up that morning knowing you gave this all you had. Donate here »

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Let’s go win this thing. Together.


Juan Rodriguez
Campaign Manager
Kamala 2020


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