The next 10 days

From: Derrick Johnson, NAACP <info>
Date: Sun, Aug 18, 2019 at 4:32 AM
Subject: The next 10 days
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Tomorrow, NAACP members, leaders, supporters, and other public figures will begin a historic excursion from Jamestown, VA to Jamestown, Accra, Ghana. I cannot overstate the significance of this journey.

Follow our journey.

Jamestown to Jamestown: A Powerful Journey from Virginia, USA to Accra, Ghana
400 years ago, the first enslaved ancestors were brought to this foreign land and forced into generations of slavery. Centuries later, we proudly stand in glory as their descendants—empowered by their legacy and emboldened by the knowledge that we built this country.

As crucial as it is to look back on our history, this journey comes as our nation faces a turning point. Over the last two years under the Trump administration, we have been subjected to racist sentiment that we are less American, and that we ought to go back to where we came from if we don’t like the state of our union.

To those people, here is what we must say: We are here to stay. Yes, we may embark on the year of return to pay homage to our history, our journey and our ancestors, but we are American, and there is nothing more American than fighting back against a government that does not respect its people.

So, as we embark on our journey tomorrow, I encourage you to follow along online and on social media, and join in on the conversation using the hashtag #NAACPinGhana.

The next ten days will not simply be a reflection on our history, but a rededication to the fight for an equal, just and representative nation.

Peace and Power,

Derrick Johnson
President and CEO

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