OK MISTER FRIEDMAN – I AGREE – WITH YOUR COLUMN, BUT THIS – ANIMATED – AND U AGREE ITS ANIMATED – IS PARTLY THE CAUSE – U CAN YES.. IGNORE THIS BUT THIS IS MEANS IS MEANS IS MEANS IS MEANS IS MEANS IS THOMAS FREIDMAN – PART OF THE P ROBLEM – THE WDGE U TALKING OF – Don’t get me wrong. I strongly oppose the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement — which Representatives Omar and Tlaib have embraced — because it wants to erase the possibility of a two-state solu tion. And I am particularly unhappy with Representative Omar. ADVERTISEMENT I know a lot about her home district in Minn esota, because I grew up in it, in St. Louis Park. Omar represents the biggest concentration of Jews and Muslims living together in one district in the Upper Midwest. She was perfectly placed to be a bridge builder between Muslims and Jews. Instead, sadly, she has been a bridge destroyer between the two since she came to Washington. But anytime she is legiti mately criticized, Democrats automatica



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