has already lined up an impressive array of clients, including newly minted podcaster and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who recently launched her podcast “You and Me Both.” “Just imagine, we needed a recording platform that could help us make a podcast during a pandemic, and, boy, did they step up,” Clinton said in a statement. “The producer reached out to us,” Gideon told JI of landing Clinton. “As soon as you start building a good name, all these producers — it’s just a small world of podcast producers, content producers, especially the high-value ones… they all know each other,” he added. “Word of mouth is very strong in this market.” Gideon said has nabbed a range of other high-profile clients including Spotify, Verizon Media, Marvel, Bloomberg and BBC. Nadav, 26, serves as CEO while Gideon, 22, is the CTO of, which now counts a total of seven employees. The Keyson family is native to Amsterdam, but Gideon — who said he learned coding from a Masa Israel tech bootcamp — has relocated to Israel and Nadav is on his way. “We’re quite Zionistic,” Gideon said, noting that both his father and grandfather long dreamed of having a family business, and basing it in Israel provides extra meaning. “Israel is very good for talent, and for building your business, so it’s not only ideological — it’s just a good place to be.” Nadav and Gideon first devised their technology as a platform for hosting political debates in the Netherlands. “Me and Nadav were always building stuff,” Gideon said. “In Holland five years ago, we started the debating platform [], an online debating platform through video.” The product was used by Dutch politicians, “but we were making no money, we were losing money every debate” by organizing and finding moderators. But the technology, he said, provided the basis for, and “we figured podcasters want to do the exact same thing, but for themselves, create podcasts with really high-quality recordings.” Since the platform’s launch, a slew of established podcasters have adopted, whose subscription plan starts at $19 a month. “We built a product that people really liked,” Gideon said. “As soon as we launched the product… it started growing really quickly. We’re the first ones to do this and there’s such a big need for it.” And two weeks after their official launch, Gideon said the work and innovation is ongoing. “We really tried to make a good product,” he said. “It’s a very product-focused space, so you have to keep innovating and keep building new features and making sure your customers are happy.”

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